Wisconsin Drive In Theaters:

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The following is a list of all the known drive-in theatres in Wisconsin to operate in this region of the state. Please click on the individual drive-ins for more details on what information is needed. Though many of the drive-ins need similar information, each may be different as to what photos may be needed etc. All of the drive-ins on this list need your help. There are some drive-ins that I have no photos of at all. And though I have photos of most of these drive-in, you may have one that is different or of particular interest. Even if you think your photo is just an ordinary WI drive-in picture, please let me know. Now, click on the drive-in that you might have knowledge of and see how you can help.


Theater Name

I have photos, but…

Photos from the 1990’s and older needed.

I have NO photos at all.  Help!

< Only the drive-in’s with a * are still in operation seasonally. >


Antigo Drive-in


41 Outdoor

Chilton *

Twilight Outdoor

Clearwater Lake

Fort Teepee Outdoor

Eagle River

Eagle River Drive-in

Fish Creek / Ephraim *

Skyway Drive-in

Freedom *

Field of Scenes Drive-in

Green Bay (East)

Starlite Drive-in

Green Bay (West)

Valley Outdoor


Tower Outdoor


Lake Vue Drive-in

Marinette (East)

Perry’s Circle Drive-in

Marinette (West)

Hwy 64 Outdoor


Castle Drive-in

New London

45 Outdoor


44 Outdoor


Rouman Drive-in

Shawano *

Moonlight Outdoor


Shawano Drive-in

Steven’s Point

51 Outdoor

Sturgeon Bay

Starlite Drive-in


Hwy 10 Outdoor


Hwy 29 Outdoor


Sky Vue Drive-in


Shara Outdoor

Region 2