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In Memory Of

Frank P. Zeidler passed away on Friday evening, July 7th, 2006. He was Milwaukee's mayor from 1948-1960 during a time of great change for the city. America's last Socialist mayor of a major U.S. city, Mr. Zeidler was a living, vibrant part of the Milwaukee community for 93 years. He never tired of helping others and promoting issues that he felt vital to the people of Milwaukee. In a sense, you could have called him your friend. As it relates to Wisconsin drive-in theaters, Mr. Zeidler as Mayor of Milwaukee, cut the ribbon at the Grand Opening ceremonies of two local drive-in theaters. The 41 Twin Outdoor (1948) which was located in Franklin, WI and the Starlite Drive-in (1955) which was opened in Menomonee Falls, WI. I had the great privilege of interviewing him twice in the past few years. The first time I contacted Mr. Zeidler was in June of 2001 for a audio tape interview on his remembrances of the grand opening ceremonies. He happily obliged my request. I then contacted Mr. Zeidler in December of 2003 for a video tape interview on the same subject for my documentary on the 41 Twin Outdoor. Once again, he stepped forward to help an average guy add that special touch to a ongoing film documentary. My two relatively brief encounters with Mr. Zeidler will be with me for a lifetime. I am sure that I speak for many people in that Mr. Zeidler will truly be missed. A link to Milwaukee's historical past has been broken. May you rest in peace, dear friend. 

Frank P. Zeidler

Don and Dorothy LeGros were the proud owners of the Big Sky Drive-in since 1980.

Donald G. LeGros
August 31, 1932 - September 28, 2010
Dorothy A. LeGros

July 7, 1934 - July 22, 2011