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Breaking Wisconsin Drive-in Theater News

This page is dedicated to "Breaking News" information regarding Wisconsin Drive-in theaters and special events held at any of the state's 11 operating outdoor theaters. The latest news will always be at the top of this page.

2014 NEWS

As of today, (3-5-14), it looks like the Keno Outdoor Theater will open for the 2014 season after all! They still haven't switched to digital projection. I am guessing without the switch they will just stay open as long as they can get 35mm film prints or the property sells to someone else.

Bill Muth who owns The Starlite 14 Drive-in located in Richland Center, WI is in the process of switching the drive-in to digital projection! He is still trying to finish raising funds for the drive-in conversion but he is going ahead with the conversion. His 2 indoor theater screens have already been converted to digital projection. Congrats Bill!

2013 NEWS

The following drive-in theaters in Wisconsin have all switched to digital projection this year!

1. Gemini Drive-in - Eau Claire, WI
2. Skyway Drive-in - Fish Creek, WI
3. Field Of Scenes Drive-in - Freedom, WI
4. Moonlight Outdoor - Shawano, WI
5. Big Sky Drive-in - Wisconsin Dells, WI

2012 NEWS

The Sky-Vu drive-in located in Monroe, WI is the second drive-in theater in Wisconsin to go digital! The first being the 18 Outdoor in Jefferson, WI.

Fundraising efforts are under way for the Starlite 14 Drive-in located in Richland Center, WI and the Stardust Drive-in located in Chetek, WI. Both are trying to raise money to convert to the new digital projection that will be required by all theaters in the coming year or face being closed down because no film will be made in 35mm format after June of 2013. Please show your support and check out their pages.

2011 NEWS

There is a new drive-in theater going up in Chilton, WI. It is to be called the Chilton Twilight Outdoor. Will check more on this new drive-in and give more updates. Updates are now on the home page!

The Stardust Drive-in Theater in Chetek, WI is adding a second screen for the 2011 season! Now you can watch movies on 2 screens. Go ahead and bring your sweetheart on more than one night a week!

The Gemini Drive-in Theater in Eau Claire, WI is under new ownership. Micon Cinemas bought the indoor and drive-in theater from Gene Grengs late last year. We wish them continued success and we are very happy to see this fine drive-in theater continue to operate for many years to come.

The 18 Outdoor Theater in Jefferson, WI is starting out their 2011 season with brand new Digital Projection!!! This is the first drive-in theater in Wisconsin to go digital. In the coming few years, all theaters will have to switch to the new digital format or most likely be forced to close as 35mm film prints will no longer be made. Let's hope that most drive-in theaters will make the conversion. The price to convert to digital is anywhere between $50,000 - $75,000! Alas, that price tag may be too much for small drive-in theaters to pay and may be closed forever. Let's hope not. At least in Jefferson, the conversion to digital is complete.

2008 NEWS

The Stardust Drive-in Theater had their Grand Opening on May 22, 2008. It is located in Chetek, WI. Check out the link for the Stardust on the links page for further information.

2007 NEWS

I found out today (9-29-07), from a very reliable source that the Gemini Drive-in Theatre located in Eau Claire, WI is now up for sale!!! At the surface, that might mean that at least someone can buy it and keep it open as a drive-in. BUT from what my source has told me, there is a "NO THEATER" clause built into the sale of the property. Which basically means that if the Gemini is sold, it will no longer be able to be run as a drive-in theater. Speculation has it that Gene Grengs who owns 2 indoor theaters in Eau Claire, doesn't want competition from the outdoor theater once it is sold. So if this drive-in does open next year, you may want to stop by for a double feature before it is gone forever.