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Help, I’m Looking for Someone!!!

Hopefully word of this website will get around, for YOU may know who I am looking for! While I was at the 41-Twin Drive-in during demolition in April 2002, an older couple, perhaps in their early 70's drove up. They were driving a little blue car (make and model unknown). I began to chat with them briefly before they had to leave. Their first names were Delores and Ray. It turns out that Delores worked at the 41 Twin on its opening night, July 1 1948. I had given them my card so that I could interview her at a later date. She was certainly excited to do the interview, but possibly lost my card, or simply forgot to call me. And of course I had forgotten to get their number in return. They may live in the Milwaukee area, but I do not know that for sure. If you know who these kind folks are, please let them as well as myself know.