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Twilight Outdoor Theater - Chilton, Wisconsin

This is Wisconsin newest drive-in theater. The Twilight Outdoor Theatre opened in August of 2011 in Chilton,WI right near the Chilton water tower. In May of 2012 they had a more gala Grand Opening celebration. It is operated by Get Reel Cinemas which owns several other indoor theaters. A unique feature of this drive-in is that it was built in the parking lot of an old closed down Walmart in town. (Nice to see a drive-in theater get built on the site of an old Walmart instead of a Walmart tearing down a drive-in like they have done countless other times). The Walmart built a bigger building in town and closed this one down. Left vacant, the owners of Get Reel Cinemas negotiated a deal to built the drive-in in the parking lot. The old Walmart building is partially being used as the concession stand. The screen tower on the edge of the parking lot is like any other drive-in screen. A separate small projection building was built to house the projectors. I plan on getting here sometime during the summer months to get some pictures of it in operation. But here are some pictures I took towards the end of their first season. Welcome to the Wisconsin drive-in family. Congratulations to the Twilight Outdoor of Chilton, WI!!!

Here are your very first pictures anywhere of the Chilton's newest drive-in theater - The Twilight Outdoor!

Check out the new pictures of the Twilight Outdoor submitted to me by Kendall Thiel, part owner of the new Chilton Drive-in Theater. As you can see, they black top sealed the parking lot with new parking lines, 150 new trees were planted as well as new landscaping. And for your entertainment, mini golf and arcade was added too! Check out the difference of my before pictures and the new photos from Kendall. Way to go Kendall and the crew of the Twilight Outdoor!