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Thank You!

This page is dedicated to those people who have helped me since the posting of this site. Their contributions of photos, personal memories, and memorabilia, cannot be thanked enough. Without these people this book would not be possible. Many, many others have helped too. Their names and those here will be added to the acknowledgments of the book.

To my friend Andy Hilbert. If not for his website about Wisconsin Drive-ins, there would never have been the inspiration for this current drive-in project. Also, for his help with other information and placing my contact info on his website. Thanks Andy!

To my friend Andy McKenna for his help in creating this great website. Way to go Andy!

To Carl Konrad for his help with the 41 Outdoor in Appleton, and the Tower Outdoor.

To Don Perkins of Marcus Theaters for his help with several of the drive-ins that were owned by Marcus Theaters at one time.

To Paul Rodgers for his help with the 51 Outdoor, Hwy 26 Outdoor, Starlite in Green Bay, and
10-13 Motor Movie.

To Scott Fisher for his help with the 24 Outdoor, and the plane ride (weeee).

To Bill Gross for his help with the Bluemound Drive-in and the opening night program for the Bluemound Drive-in, June 18, 1940.

To Jeff Cotter for his help with the time lapse photos of the 41 Twin and the screen pictures of the Hwy 18 Outdoor.

To Tim Romano for his kind donations of original drive-in theater trailers for my
41 Twin documentary.

To Margret Coffey for her help with the Tower Outdoor.

To Aaron Kramer of radio station WRPN AM 1600 for the on air radio time.

To John Reinsch for his memories of the Ripon Outdoor.

To John King for the Belpre Open Air Theatre pictures.

To Don Anderson for the following drive-in theatre pics: 41-Twin, Sky Vue, Starlite (Menomonee Falls), Palmote, Sparta, 45 Outdoor, Rouman, and the 57 Outdoor.

To La Verne De Cramer for his memories of the Ripon Outdoor.

To Tom Vanden Hoogen for his memories of the Tower Outdoor.

To Helen Van Epern for her memories and photos of the Tower Outdoor.

To Susan Wilkerson for her memories and pictures of the Hwy. 29 Drive-in.

To Margie Christiansen for her memories of the Hwy. 29 Drive-in.

To David Snyder for his memories of the Hwy. 64 Outdoor.

To Greg and Krista Olson for the wedding pictures that were taken at the Hwy. 10 Outdoor.

To Sue Gabryshak for her memories of the Shara Outdoor.

To Celeste L. McKloskey for her memories of the Bluemound Drive-in.

To Jeff Maruszewski for his memories and memorabilia of the 15 Outdoor.

To Kelly D. Bleich for the memorabilia of the Winnebago Drive-in and his memories of the
Hwy 51/16 Drive-in.

To David Limberg for the North Star Drive-in and Starlight Drive-in event pictures. Both are located in
La Crosse, WI.

To Joyce Newton for the 1950's Menomonie Outdoor ticket booth pictures.

To Philip Dyer for his memories and picture of the concession stand of the North Star Drive-in in
May of 1953.

To Wanda Kohls for her donation of an original 1970 newspaper ad for the 53 Auto Vue,
Rice Lake, WI.

To Jennifer Lewis for her help with some old newspaper ads and a photo relating to the Mid-City Outdoor, Racine.

To Mike Robichaud for the 23 Outdoor newspaper ad from 1976.

To Pam Minsch and the estate of Sam Costas for photos and related material for the Lake Park Outdoor Theater that used to be located in Fond du Lac, WI.

To Jeff Koster for his memories of the 41 Twin and the wonderful vintage pictures of the same theater. 

To Andrew Jones for all the newspaper pages with drive-in ads in them that he donated!