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41 Twin Outdoor Theater Historical Marker

The site of the former 41 Twin Outdoor Movie Theater in Franklin, WI is now occupied by The Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company. The drive-in closed on September 16, 2001. In January of 2002, the Milwaukee County Historical Society was looking for nominations for site consideration for the placement of historic markers. I submitted my nomination for the drive-in theater site shortly thereafter. I felt that the 41 Twin with its long history of operation and memories to the community in general, should NEVER be forgotten. Almost 3 years later, a Historical Marker Certificate was awarded to me on November 8, 2004. 

I had the great honor of writing the text that was placed on the marker! In conjunction with Northwestern Mutual Life and the Milwaukee County Historical Society, the historic marker was placed in May of 2005. With almost 5,000 drive-in theaters having been built since 1933, this site will be one of only a couple in the entire country with an historical marker dedicated to a former drive-in theater site. 

The marker is located on the wall behind the Northwestern Mutual Life stone sign that faces 27th Street. To view the marker, go onto the property at the stop and go lights located at their main entrance to 27th Street. Take the first left and follow the road that is nearest to 27th Street. The marker will be on your left side on the back of the NML stone sign! 

Here are a couple of photos of the historical marker!