Wisconsin Drive In Theaters:

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I have some photos of this drive-in but would appreciate any you may have that are from the 1990's or older. The photos I have are from mostly from current operations. Photos of the theatres construction or of just the structures of the screen/marquee etc. I would really like to get some of those vintage pictures that were taken decades ago. But again, any photographs of this drive-in would be of great help. All photos will be returned after copying and proper photo credits will be given to those individuals who's photos are used in the book. 

Your personal stories and memories, plus any historical information is also needed. 

Photos from the 1990’s and older needed.

Do you have any memorabilia with the drive-ins name on it? For example, tickets stubs, theatre posters, handout flyers etc. Please - CONTACT ME! All these things with the theatres name on it help to give the drive-in a more personal hometown feel to the subject matter. Now see how you can help!!